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With our very own in-house yoga studio, RAW MVMT is the only yoga studio in Fontana and the Inland Empire that specializes in Yoga for Athletes. We offer classes are 5 days per week designed to specifically help athletes move, breathe and focus to increase performance, decrease injury, and more importantly - allow career longevity.


Our unique style of training takes real athletic, sport-specific movements and translates them over to the yoga mat. Think fielding ground balls, swinging a bat, throwing a ball, balancing on one foot in a pitcher wind up. We apply what your body is doing on the field to what it is doing in the studio. Understanding how your body works and how to get the most out of it is key to taking your game to the next level and maintaining your physical wellness. 

The RAW MVMT training method focuses on the vital elements of flexibility, stabilization, durability, fascial reconditioning, raw strength taking a yoga-based systematic approach. This method reinforces the mind-body connection and creates body awareness while maintaining healthy joints and the tissues that support them. designed to take your game and your body to the next level. The studio offers General Conditioning, Power Yoga, Game Ready Recovery and our most popular signature class "YOGA SHRED" with each class dedicated to cultivating a well rounded athlete.



Best for the person who wants to come and go as they please!

Class Price applies to Drop-In Yoga Classes, Conditioning Classes or Group Tutoring Sessions.



Great for those that want a 30% discounted rate!

This class pack takes each class price down from $15 to $10.50 for a 30% discount. Families in the same household may share the class pack!



Great for those that want a 10% discounted rate!

This class pack takes each class price down from $15 to $13 for a 10% discount (Package Retails for $150). Families in the same household may share the class pack!



Best for teams looking for group and/or individual player training

RAW MVMT offers private team training to all sports. Ask us to create a training program for your group. 



Great for those that want a 20% discounted rate!

This class pack takes each class price down from $15 to $12 for a 20% discount (Package retails for $225). Families in the same household may share the class pack!


Strength & Agility

This class runs out in the warehouse and is geared toward youth athletes looking for more of a traditional Speed & Agility/Strength style class. RAW MVMT also incorporates P.E. style games to keep it fun!

Class offered: 

Tuesday at 4pm

Thursday at 5pm


Where Muscle Meets Yoga!

RAW Yoga Shred™ is an effective fusion of yoga and fitness moves that can give you hours’ worth of results in just one single hour. This signature class gives you all the flexibility, mobility and endurance-based strength of yoga, infused with the superior cardio, muscle-defining and sculpting that comes with HIIT Intervals.  Class is suitable for beginners and experienced movers! 

Classed offered Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm

Plank of Weights

pOWER Yoga

This continuous movement, heat building class will build strength through repetitions of yoga based movements along combining them with muscle lengthening postures and stretches. Options will be given to progress or regress movements to suit individual needs.


Class offered Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm 


This slower paced class will focus on longer holds and muscle targeted stretches to prep the body and the mind for competition. This is an ideal way to end your week and soak in all the benefits of your training from the week!


Class offered

Fridays at 6pm

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