The 4 Core principles of 

raw mvmt training


Our training is designed to increase and promote raw physical strength while challenging the athlete by focusing on core strength which is at the foundation of all athletic movements. Athleticism is a large factor in the success of ballplayers and is influenced by a variety of variables: explosiveness, speed, vertical leap, agility, body control, flexibility, strength, etc. No amount of weight lifting, position specific programs, speed, agility or interval training will increase raw strength in the way that yoga sequencing and utilizing your own body weight can. The RAW MVMT training method strengthens all of the small stabilizing muscles that are often missed in other physical workouts and are vital in protecting shoulder, hip, ankle joints and the spine.



MOBILITY training is designed to increase overall flexibility. Yoga invariably improves joint and muscular flexibility, and fascial reconditioning which are crucial to the body’s overall structural soundness. Enhanced joint and muscle pliancy translates to greater range of motion which is a critical aspect for all ballplayers, no matter the position they play. From throwing to pitching, catcher squats to shortstop shuffles, flexibility and joint mobility are a key components to any successful player. By improving not only flexibility but also joint mobility, body mechanics, and physical awareness, RAW MOBILITY can make every form of training more effective and efficient. This method will dramatically reduce the risk of injury, both in training and competition, and in turn increase competitive longevity allowing more consistent progress throughout the various levels of play.


RAW RECOVERY is designed to put athletes back together after a strenuous workout, after long weekends of overuse or after injuries. These programs will teach you to tune into your body and give it the care it wants and needs. RAW RECOVERY elongates the muscles that athletes spend so long contracting, making this recovery method a great counter-action. Our yoga-based methods naturally loosen physical tightness expelling lactic acid build-up from the muscles promoting faster recovery times and getting athletes back into the action sooner.


More than half the battle for most athletes occurs in the mind, not the body. Every class that we offer with a physical focus incorporates mental training as well. The development of mental focus and concentration is not easily achieved but with work and guided training, every athlete can discover that much like a muscle, the mind can be trained. Imagine a pitcher, a batter, a catcher or a fielder unrestrained by fear, free from negative thought patterns, and laser focused. At RAW MVMT we believe that true athletes are able to leverage the incredible power of the mind and focus entirely on the task at hand while remaining thoroughly rooted in the present moment without the invasion of unhelpful thought patterns. The best athletes visualize success so completely that it becomes a foregone conclusion. Consistent physical practice when followed up with proper mental conditioning can not only improve sleep, foster recovery, reduce stress, quell negative mental chatter, and push through fear.