Evan Longoria Does Yoga

Ready for some motivation?

This week we are coming at you with a new series highlighting Professional Athletes who have incorporated yoga into their training. Today we bring you Evan Longoria - 3rd Baseman for the San Francisco Giants. Evan has embraced yoga with open arms and was drawn to the practice as both a way to stabilize his body at the plate and to give him piece of mind. He told MLB.com, "To be strong in general doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be strong from a baseball standpoint...When you're hitting, you want to be as stable as you can and use the three-dimensional aspect - the rotation in your core - to actually translate to power." Yoga is about more than just stretching. Yoga will increase overall body stability and strength too. Join us Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 6pm for RAW Yoga Mobility Training. Class also offered on Friday at 7pm (Glow in the dark!) and Saturday mornings at 9am. Remember THE challenge that we offered! WE CHALLENGE YOU TO STEP INTO THE STUDIO AND SEE WHAT YOUR BODY IS MADE OF. WE GUARANTEE THAT WHATEVER PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS YOU HAD ABOUT YOGA AND THE BENEFITS IT CAN HAVE ON YOUR BODY WILL DISAPPEAR. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT, THAT IF YOU DON'T BREAK A SWEAT AND DON'T FIND VALUE YOUR CLASS IS FREE.


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