Stop Saying "I Can't" - It's A Lie

Last night in training, one of our athletes struggled to make it through the battle rope station. Over and over he kept saying "I Can't." 🔹 These two little words hold you back and give your mind permission to stay exactly where it's at and not grow. They give you an out.... 🔹 There are definitely times when things are challenging, but know the difference between "I Can't", "I Won't", "I Don't Want To", and "I'm Afraid." 🔹 Own the I Won'ts, I Don't Want Tos, and I'm Afraids, if that's your truth. But don't hold yourself back from becoming the person or athlete you were meant to be. "I Can't But I'm Trying," "I Can't But I'm Gonna Give It All I Have," "I Can't Yet, But One Day I Will" all give you the power back over your mind. Take control and stop lying to yourself. You are capable of so much more than you will ever know. You CAN do anything - the only thing holding you back is yourself. #rawmvmt

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