Fascia and Athletes

This is so true! So many athletes complain about tightness, restricted muscle use, pain and all over under utilization of their bodies. There's a reason for all of that - and it's not your muscles! A few weeks back, we mentioned Fascia. Fascia is the context in which all movement takes place. Fascia is a whole body system - just like the circulatory system, nervous system, etc. It’s the biological fabric that holds everything together. The grapefruit example in this video (link below) is a perfect example. https://youtu.be/qSXpX4wyoY8 Picture the white coverings as your fascia and the actual pinky/orange grapefruit as your muscles....if the white covering is stuck to itself, twisted, or dried and hardened, your muscles within won't be able to function to their full capacity. They will be forced to adapt themselves to their surrounding environment leading to pain, tightness and a variety of other ailments. Don't despair! There are ways to recondition your fascia and every class we teach incorporates the tools you need to unwind the tension and allow your body to function to it's fullest capacity. Movement organizes fascia - Lack of movement disorganizes fascia - It's as simple as that! Let movement surprise you. Try to avoid doing the same repetitive movements without switching things up. Traditional weight lifting moves, pitches, catcher squats, and other athletic movements can all become repetitive and force our fascia into forms that don’t fit our goals. Want to continue the conversation? Come take a class with us and learn some of the simple tools to regain control of your body.

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