My RAW Journey

On a full ride athletic scholarship to a Division I University, I suffered from a career ending injury that put all softball dreams not just on hold, but out of the picture completely. It took many years to accept the fact that despite the kind of athlete I thought I was, the statistics I racked up, the respect I had earned, my body was not physically ready to handle the demands of playing at the highest collegiate level. There is no doubt in my mind that discovering yoga in my prime softball years would have made me a better athlete, not to mention better capable of handling the challenges that this life was going to throw at me.

In the years since, I have submerged myself in the world of fitness and nutrition and devoured any and all knowledge I could get my hands on. I attempted over and over to rebuild my broken body using traditional fitness regimens but was never able to fully recover to my pre-injury state. It wasn’t until I stepped away from traditional methods and began to focus on cultivating inner strength that I unlocked the key to true raw potential.

On a mat in a 95-degree studio, I found myself lying in savasana, physically exhausted, and dripping in sweat imagining the type of athletic success I could have had should I have been exposed to yoga in my prime. I found myself begging for a chance to go back and train my body and mind differently. On that mat, in that moment, I had laser focus, a clear mind, physical flexibility and stability like never before and a raw strength that could not be built in a weight room. In that moment, I unlocked the key to my own physical healing and what I firmly believe to be the missing link in athletic training. Nearly 15 years later, I am in better mental and physical condition than I ever was in my prime youth athletic days.

Obviously, the Universe did not give me a second chance to go back, train and play again, but it did open a door to what has the potential to have an even greater impact than my own personal athletic success ever could. This path has led to the creation of RAW MVMT.

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