Inspired by a lifetime of passion for both baseball and the coveted laid back, beachy lifestyle, RAW WOODY was created.


RAW MVMT has worked to create a bat that would put the beach in your hands, the sand between your toes, and beach vibes wherever your athletic career takes you.


Staying true to our roots of remaining “RAW and Authentic,” we bring you well crafted lumber, hand split from Prime Grade A Ash and Maple from the North East. The weight distribution, taper of handle, and handle-to-barrel size/weight ratio is inspected to produce a bat that not only feels great, but makes that “sweet spot” even sweeter. 


There may not be palm trees swaying in the outfield or waves crashing onto the shoreline but swinging a RAW WOODY as your tool of choice next time you step up to the plate is guaranteed to bring the soothing essence of the beach into the box with you.


Ready to feel the sand between your toes?

Smell the sunscreen in the air? 

Swing a RAW WOODY and catch your beach vibe!

No Salt Water 


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26 inches -30 inches

Starting at $65.00

(Pronounced "Kay-Kee" and means

"Child" in Hawaiian!)



31 inches -34 inches

Starting at $89.00



20 or 24 inches


(Means "to help or assist" in Hawaiian!)


RAW Woodys are two-tone and come in: 

RAW MVMT Blue | Red | Gray | Black | Natural | Pink 


Maple Wood Bats are Prime Grade  A Wood that are hand split and inspected to ensure the grains are at their strongest. These bats are tested using the “ink dot” to ensure MLB standards and slope of grain. Maple bats are good for hitters that prefer less  flex in their bat at contact. 

Keiki Maple $75.00

Kahuna Maple $99.00


With both "Kahuna" and "Keiki" bats,

you have your choice of

solid Maple or solid Ash wood

"Kokua" Trainer bats are all made from Maple 


Ash wood Bats are Grade A wood that are hand split and inspected to ensure the grains at its strongest slope degree. Ash Wood bats are great for contact hitters, but also carry a barrel size for power.  Ash Wood bats have more flex at contact compared to Maple or Birch Wood bats. This type of bat is good for hitters with relaxed hands through contact.

Keiki Ash $65.00

Kahuna Ash $85.00

RAW Woody Bats come in two different models: 

"RW1 Model" or "RW5 Model"

See Model Details Below

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The RW1 model (similar to the Louisville 271 Model) is a popular model that allows more bat control as it is very well balanced from knob to barrel. 


  • Knob: Traditional
  • Handle: Medium Tapered

  • Barrel: Medium (2 ½”)

  • Feel: Balanced



The RW5 model (similar to the McCutchen Model) is a popular model due to the larger barrel and medium tapered knob.  This model allows the hitter to utilize great bat speed and power through contact.  


  • Knob: Tapered
  • Handle: Thick Tapered

  • Barrel: Large (2 3/4”)

  • Feel: Balanced


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