RAW HITTING follows the same foundation as RAW MVMT in addition to  incorporating years of hitting experience and methods.  Hitting a moving object using precision and your full spectrum power is a specialized skill that takes years of practice to achieve consistent positive results. This IS achievable with proper progression drills and functional hitting coordination of the human body.  RAW HITTING will evaluate each athlete, establishing a basis approach in which the hitter will understand and absorb the purpose of how each moving component should move.  Taking every part of your swing, breaking it down into isolated drills and improving precision and strength will create an overall higher result.  Every hitter will have a specific progression program that suits their initial skill basis.  Once a hitting foundation is built, we begin to increase the output of consistency and power.  At RAW MVMT, we firmly believe there is a way for every hitter to achieve maximum power by utilizing the RAW abilities within.

In the average game, a catcher will squat and stand over one hundred times. Behind the plate is without a doubt, the most physically demanding position on the diamond and the physical stress alone can be challenging no matter what level you play at. It can be both detrimental to your long term, overall physical health and playing career, but it doesn't have to be!


RAW CATCHING instruction incorporates strength training to increase leg, core and upper body effectiveness. We will introduce you to dynamic stretching and kinetic chain movements with a multi-joint focus which will promote flexibility as well as hip, knee and ankle mobility. Plyometric drills specific to footwork, blocking and throwing will be incorporated to foster foot speed and increase agility. This triangular partnership is the key to unlocking your potential as not only a baseball or softball athlete, but as the power player behind the plate. All aspects of the game, mental and physical, will be addressed with focus on specific techniques like receiving, framing, throwing from your knees, blocking, and setting up.  The catching position is 1 of the few positions where every aspect of RAW ability is needed.   



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