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RAW MVMT brings exciting simulated game play to Fontana with the addition of

HitTrax Technology! 

WHAT IS HitTrax?

HitTrax is the first and only baseball/softball simulator. A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities. PATENT-PENDING TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS INNOVATION TO THE BASEBALL/SOFTBALL INDUSTRY BY MEASURING REAL-TIME DATA AND DISPLAYING LIVE RESULTS FOR IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. Analyze key baseball performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field. Organize hitting leagues, tournaments & home run derbys, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into your facility. With HitTrax®, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated, and baseball skill development is enhanced.


This means that a field is not required to play a game! RAW MVMT offers indoor Home Run Derbys, Pick Up Games, 1-day Tournaments, Leagues and so much more! 

Check out all our gaming options offer below!


Private Lessons


​HitTrax gives real-time feedback and tracks every aspect of your training session. This technology can show the exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, spray charts, and hard hit average (to name a few features) to identify your weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses and having immediate feedback after every swing leads to more productive lessons so you can get the most out of each swing. All of your data from each lesson is stored in our database so that we can track your progress from session to session, season to season.

Are you a visual learner? HitTrax incorporates video playback in slow motion. The 120 frames per second recording allows us to break down your swing like never before. With this video, we can determine your angle in which you enter the hitting zone, head movement and weight transfer throughout your swing; as well as how that affects your hard contact rate. For a better analysis of your swing, each video is paired up with all the data that is recorded by HitTrax for that specific hit.


Friday Night Fights


What does Friday Night Fights game play look like?! A BLAST!


Each week, HitTrax hosts a tournament with a sponsor and tons of prizes (Axe Bats, true Diamond Science, etc.)

Your team is hitting the whole time to see how many runs you can score in 7 innings or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. ⁣Got three outs, bases cleared? You team keeps hitting! This is a one-sided offense only game!

Play against other individuals and/or teams from across the WORLD and see tournament standings update in real time. 


Didn’t score enough runs to beat out the top team? Play again. And again. And again. We’ll take your best score for the standings on


  • Friday Nights Only

  • Age groups: 12U, JV(15U), High School, Professional

  • 1-4 players per team

  • 30-minute time limit

  • One sided games

  • $5 tournament entry fee

  • $30 cage rental fee

Fee: $35 for 30 minutes 


Home Run Derby

Think you can put it over the Green Monster at Fenway or the right field porch at Yankee Stadium, come give it a try right from the convenience of RAW MVMT's cages! Softball derby? Play in your favorite college stadium! Players get 5 outs per round and advance to subsequent rounds based on the number of home runs hit.  Each park is scaled to the level of the player, making the Homerun Derby mode a blast for all ages. 


Machine pitch or live pitch options are available.


  • 60-minute time limit

  • Up to 10 players per derby

  • Age Groups to choose from 10u, 12u, 14u, High School, Slow Pitch Softball, Adult Recreational

  • 5 out rounds

  • 3 round per derby

  • Play as many Derbys as you can in 60-minute

Fee: $100 for 60 minutes (as little as $10  per player!)

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Simulated Pick Up Game

Play a simulated 7- 9 inning game and compete against your friends or other teams in a fun and competitive environment without the need for a field!

Balls, strikes, walks, base runner advancement, outs, double plays and just about everything else that you can think in a game can be captured in this amazing game simulator.

Want to play like a big leaguer and live stream your game so friends and family can watch from home? Upgrade your game and RAW MVMT will live stream your game to our YouTube channel! Your game will be recorded and kept on our YouTube Channel for you to watch and share! 


  • Individual or team games available

  • Age groups: 10U, 12U, 14U, High School, Slowpitch Softball, Adult Recreational

  • 60-minute time slot

  • 7-9 inning games 

  • One-sided or competitive games

Fee: $100 for 60 minutes 

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