Have you ever tried something new as a hitter and it seemed to work PERFECTLY for the next week or so? Once the "newness" is gone, you fall right back into that slump you were in a few weeks prior, don't you? Well, guess what? There's nothing actually wrong with your swing!

You are on "Mental Cruise Control."

RAW MVMT athletes will always have access to tools and information that will increase both their physical and mental performance.

That's why we created the RAW MVMT HITTING LOG.

Hitters need to continually incorporate mental and physical practice to keep both the mind and the body working seamlessly.  A Hitter needs to understand how their mind works just as much as they need to understand the physical components of their swing.


The RAW MVMT Hitting Log has evolved from countless hitters coming through instruction and not understanding why they have struggled in the games when they hit fine in practice.  The mentality in practice NEEDS to carry over into the games!!


The RAW MVMT Hitting log is to be completed after the game as the hitter should reflect on each at bat pulling the “positive” out of each at-bat. The RAW MVMT Hitting log has been refined to teach hitters how to make brief adjustments between pitches and/or at bats within a game. The Hitting Log also provides a map for the hitter to read what they wrote and use that to determine what to focus on in practice before the next game. Over time, using this log will lead to shorter slumps and more confidence as a hitter resulting in consistent performance.


Hitters will learn to be accountable for their performance through this practice, but to also learn how to avoid “Mental Cruise Control”.


We encourage you to start this practice and raise the accountability factor as a hitter.


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