As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, a holder of the Durability Certification from Onnit Academy as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Sports Management, Chris’s knowledge expands across all aspects of baseball - as a professional player, coach, agent, sports rehabilitation assistant and as a business owner.

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Ashley DiBlasi | RAW MVMT Owner



On a full ride athletic scholarship to a Division I University, Ashley suffered from a career ending injury that put all softball dreams not just on hold, but out of the picture completely. 

Years later on a yoga mat in a 95-degree studio, she discovered the key to her own physical healing and what RAW MVMT firmly believes to be the missing link in athletic training.  


Coach Ashley’s training style is structured specifically to help athletes move, breathe and focus in ways that enhance performance and decrease injury. This style is not for the faint of heart....She has a way of finding your weaknesses – the holes in your training and making them very apparent, very quickly. Classes focus on the vital elements of flexibility, core stabilization and raw strength, but more importantly, on mental control and stress management. You only get one body and one chance to have a long, healthy athletic career. So, hang your ego on the shelf, check your pride at the door and see what you are really made of!

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For more on Ashley's Journey to RAW

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RAW MVMT incorporates a bull with a geometric design aspect as the foundation for our logo. Why a bull? This symbol is a perfect representation of everything that we believe and perfectly summarizes the spirit that we want to foster within our training. According to Native people, the bull is a symbol of abundance and manifestation. This symbol promotes pushing through fear and the willingness to meet a challenge head on. People who identify with the bull are social creatures who work well in teams, but also have strong personal determination. They can be stubborn and insistent, but only because of their intense drive. Those that believe in spirit animals believe that a bull can lend us the strength to stand our ground, but remind us not to crash around like one in a china shop. We believe that by harnessing the power of one’s raw physical strength, and balancing it with mental control, while remaining authentic, will lead to the production of incredible athletic potential.